Monday, August 28, 2017

The Dark Crystal (The Adventures of Xanthus Book 1)

I was given an ecopy of The Dark Crystal (The Adventures of Xanthus Book 1) by Francis Mills for review.

The Dark Crystal  is a light fantasy adventure. Although it deals with a heavy theme, it still reads as a light adventure. We have good and bad guys, some who want to rule the world (there is always somebody who wants to rule the world, right?)

The Dark Crystal is the first installment of the Adventures of Xanthus trilogy. At only 118 pages it is a quick fun read. The story is set up fairly well for continuation in the next two books. The story line is not all that complicated, generally a quest tale. For the most part I would say The Dark Crystal  has good middle grade or YA appeal.  The problem with that classification however is the adult oriented part of the story.

While the quest has been well established, the story seems to evolve into a sex fest (not a problem for me, in case you were wondering). The sexual activity is not a problem in itself, but the way it is presented is. We have two very passionate (read: horny) characters, yet when they do get together we don't feel the passion. The action is graphic but in a more clinical way. More like a report of what the characters did than allowing the reader to feel the passion of the moment. I just didn't get caught up in the action.

I did enjoy The Dark Crystal  by Francis Mills over all. It is not an epic story full of twists and turns and plot complications. But that is okay it doesn't have to be. It is a good, quick, light, fun read. But as is, it is an adult read. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Becoming the White Wolf

I was sent an e-version of  Becoming the White Wolf   by author R. H. Neil for review.

Becoming the White Wolf  is another of those books that demonstrate just how talented the indie author field is. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book.

The basic story is one of the police building a vigilante crime fighter hero by "bending" some of the facts of a criminal case. Author Neil does a masterful job of creating an almost anti-hero hero. The story is well crafted and kept me engaged through out.

Plenty of action, violence, suspense and terror to keep avid readers of the genre satisfied. The White Wolf is definitely the man you want on your side. If he is aligned against you, you might want to consider relocation (if not repentance).

The characters are well developed and presented. We dislike the bad guys, and they are BAD GUYS, but they are not cartoonish or comic book bad guys. Given this type of story I would think it easy for an author to fall into that type of depiction. So kudos to the author for avoiding that pitfall. There are technologies that I didn't know about presented, but they sound plausible enough to be real, so again not a comic book fantasy.

Becoming the White Wolf  by R. H. Neil is a well rounded, action packed crime thriller with enough punch to satisfy the most jaded action reader. I recommend you check this one out, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!


Friday, August 11, 2017

The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller

Hi everybody, I'm Baaaack!

Still recuperating from five level neck fusion, but getting back into it. I actually finished this book before surgery but was unable to post a review.

I read a print copy of  The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller by J. B. Michaels.

This was a really fun read. In the flavor of the books I read as a young reader, kids doing the smart, heroic stuff without those pesky adults getting in the way.

Make no mistake, The Order of St. Michael is a middle grade/ YA book but even old guys like me can enjoy the action adventure, suspense, and age appropriate depictions of violence. Our hero Bud is of course not your average kid who has to foil the plot of a wicked adult trying to exploit his genius work.

The paranormal setting is a great vehicle for telling the story. The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller is an all around fun read which will keep you hooked throughout. It is a quick read, great as a palate cleanser between the more serious or intense works that I usually read. A great change of pace.

If your looking for such a change of pace, or want to feel good with what your younger reader may be looking at, The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller by J. B. Michaels fills the bill nicely. I recommend it. Enjoy!