Friday, December 18, 2015

Bridge Through Time

I have just finished Bridge Through Time by Scot Spotson which was given to me in exchange for a review.

Bridge Through Time is a different take on the time travel genre, at least I thought so. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It brought up the question of how a person could change the course of their life if they went back to their own youth and relived their life. It deals with the consequences of those changes and the psychological difficulties that ensue. It demonstrates how one life touches so many others.

This is only a part of the overall story though. It is also a story of applied physics. There is enough high tech speak to please tech geeks, but not so much as to overwhelm non-techies like myself.

It is also a story of alien contact, human weakness, political correctness and familial relationships. It is a complex story that does not read overly complex. Author Scot Spotson took a topic that can easily turn into science speak that only a physicist can understand and made it accessible to the less science minded readers among us. I like that a lot.

I think Bridge Through Time will appeal to a broad audience who like action, scientific sci-fi, fantasy,and "what if" type stories. I think you will find this book worth your time. Enjoy!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Galaxy of Empires: Merchant Wars Episode One

I won a print copy of Galaxy of Empires: Merchant Wars Episode One in a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.

This is part of a series of Galaxy of Empires books. A little research showed several different titles, and more than one series under the Galaxy umbrella.

It was an interesting story set in space involving competing merchants, shady governmental(?) entities, and omnipotent beings.

There are some editing problems which I have shared with the author so I won't spend too much time on them here, hopefully the author will take heed. Suffice to say there are some errors, most disturbing to me, names changing by the end of the story.

The story line itself was interesting enough to carry a series. This entry is 72 pages. If that is the format for the series, it could work well. Lots of action, and intrigue. Space opera fans will probably find a lot to like here. Enjoy!


The Navarre Brotherhood

Author Tammie Wunsch provided me with a print copy of The Navarre Brotherhood for review.

Before writing my review, I Googled: Navarre  Brotherhood to see if this was a real organization or a figment of Ms. Wunsch's imagination. The first page of results were all related to this book and I didn't search any further, so I will proceed with the belief that it is her construction. Although it is well presented enough to be based on a historical group, oh well.

The important part is this book is great! Being as interested in Templar stories as anyone these days, I approached The Navarre Brotherhood with mixed expectations. It would probably be interesting because it was about the Templars. But it could also be a cheesy story taking advantage of the Templar legends to make a buck.

Have no fear readers, it is NOT a cheesy story at all. It is a well written, fast paced adventure in the truest sense of the word. The heroine grabs your sympathy immediately. The hero takes a while to be identified which I found a nice twist. The story takes the reader on a globetrotting adventure with plenty of complications thrown in to keep us on our toes.

There is a nice blend of comedy and drama. The bad guys are really bad! The good guys are not so single minded that they ignore the beautiful locations they find themselves visiting.  If author Wunsch's characterizations are accurate, the Scots are a lusty bunch of people. The characters don't miss an opportunity for adult activities, though not in a graphic or even mildly offensive way. You won't have to be embarrassed for your pastor to see this book on your coffee table.

The nice thing about The Navarre Brotherhood for me is that it isn't just a retelling of Templar legends, it's a character driven adventure story. There is a lot of story line that is not strictly Templar. There is action, adventure, romance, torture, comedy, sex, violence (no rock n roll). It is a fun read all around. Enjoy!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In Sheep's Clothing

Author L.D. Beyer sent me a print copy of In Sheep's Clothing for review.

In Sheep's Clothing is a very good book. I don't normally read a lot of politically oriented books. My personal intense dislike/distrust of politics and politicians tends to make me read political fiction as non-fiction. That's just me.

In Sheep's Clothing, for me, started off a little slow, but it sure made up for that as the story unfolded. Lots of action, adventure, intrigue, and politics(Shudder). A large part of the story is set in North Idaho, I happen to live farther north of the setting in Idaho. Although fantastical, the story is believably written, a demonstration of author Beyer's ability as a writer and, I'm sure, researcher.

The characters in this book are for the most part developed well enough to understand their motivations to good or bad, not a lot of ambiguity. I think this is a good thing, having to spend too much time understanding motivations can take the energy out of an action oriented story. Beyer balances the need to understand the characters and keep the story moving at a brisk pace.

Another great change for me is the lack of typo's. Lately, even in print books I'm finding more and more mistakes. I don't know if this is due to my increased scrutiny as a reviewer or a lack of rigor in proofreaders. Either way, In Sheep's Clothing had only two that jumped out at me. I wouldn't normally even point them out but one, to me, was funny enough to be memorable.

Mr. Beyer, I haven't lived in Michigan, but here in Idaho we refer to those brown/tan animals with antlers as "deer" not "dear". Funny mistake.

The biggest negative for me, and granted it is negligible, is after being taken on a wild, twisting, turning, ride building to the great climax, I would like to have more of an epilogue. The ends were all tied up neatly but too quickly for me. This is a personal thing. I really like to hear more about how things go after the crisis has been resolved. This doesn't diminish the story at all it's just a personal preference.

If you are a fan of the action/adventure genre(you know who you are) in general or the political action adventure specifically, In Sheep's Clothing by L.D. Beyer is a good way to spend some time. Enjoy!


Thursday, December 3, 2015


The usual disclaimer: Kelly Mitchell sent me an e-version of Wildcard in exchange for an honest review.

Wildcard is a very intricate story. It is a tech-lovers delight, more technological wizardry than you can shake a stick at. For me, too much tech, I found myself at times completely confused by the descriptions of the nano technology being used. I thought to myself: Even Sheldon Cooper couldn't follow this. Of course a real physicist probably could, but I am nowhere near a real physicist. If I was I could have asked for his help.

I really got into the story when tech took a back seat to human(?) relationships. I particularly liked LuvRay Chose. Not surprising as he was, in my mind at least, the most non-technological character in the book. The highly technical aspects of the book probably contributed to my feeling the story was somewhat disjointed and confusing. I tended to kind of space out when things got too technical. I feel like I missed the main point of the book. Almost all of the characters were transformed in some way by the end of the story, and I often didn't see the justification to the story line to support the action.

Parts of the story were very compelling, I enjoyed the interactions with Hazel and the Old Man and the peacefulness of the center.

I guess all I can say here is that I am not the target audience for Wildcard. For the reader who enjoys the high tech world, Wildcard will provide all the tech you could want. There is plenty of action and adventure as well. Military and political intrigue abounds. There is humor, pathos and even sex. So, if the high tech world is your playground, I think Wildcard by Kelly Mitchell, will be right up your alley, or data port if you prefer. Enjoy!