About Me

  • Education:

  • Palomar Community College
  • Psychology, 1984 - 1989
    Two Associates Degrees; Psychological and Social Services, and General Studies. Qualified for a third in Liberal Arts but it seemed redundant.
  • San Diego State University
    Psychology, 1989 - 1991
    Bachelors Degree in Psychology, minor in American Indian Studies
  • National University
    Pschology, 1991 - 1993
    Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology
  • University of Phoenix
    Business Administration, 1995 - 1997
    Masters in Business Administration

   Basic Information:

    Gender:            Male
      Birthday:          August 20
        Relationship:    Married


        • Book Lover


        • I am a disabled/retired lover of books. I have my own personal library of ~ 3,000 books.
        • I'm starting to write reviews of the books I read.
        • I have a lot of time to read!

        Bragging Rights:

        • I try not to brag
        I used to own my own janitorial service/carpet cleaning company. I've been a truck driver, machinist, counselor, family therapist, and assistant program director at two different psychiatric facilities.

        1 comment:

        1. I'd like to submit my book for review, but am not finding an email link. If you're interested in learning more, please email me at marla@mghealer.com. Thanks in advance.