Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Prophecy is book #90 in the Deathlands Saga by James Axler, although Amazon mistakenly lists it at #89. I don't care, do you?

Yes, we all know James Axler is a "house name" at Gold Eagle. There have been several different writers of these books. It doesn't take a whole lot of detective work to find the actual authors name, but I'm not that interested. If you are, go for it.

Prophecy is so different from other entries in the series as to have little in common with them. I mean, they don't hardly kill anyone in this book. What's up with that?

This book is more a tale of Native American Spirituality, than it is a survivalist action/adventure. I did miss the shoot'em up aspect I expect from Deathlands. But, this being said, Prophecy itself is a pretty darn good book.

Cawdor and the companions were not the focus of the story, they were just a convenient tool to tell basically a Native American story. Three tribes trying to live up to the destiny set for them by legend. I tend to like stories about Native history. The author does bring the story back to the Deathlands theme at the end.

Die-hard Deathlands fans may be disappointed by this installment due to the lack of general mayhem. But if given a chance, and judged on it's own merits, I think the reader will find Prophecy a very entertaining book. Enjoy!


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