Friday, April 21, 2017


I was given an e-copy of Runespeaker (Bonesaw #.5) by author Mila N. Sankale for review.

Runespeaker is a short fantasy read which judging from the full title is a part of a series. Checking the authors goodreads page does in fact identify a Bonesaw #1.

Over all Runespeaker was an interesting read. We start out directly in the story with no set up, the story just is happening. Not a bad concept but a little confusing because we don't really get right away why the story is what it is. We have a character in prison without much to tell us why she is special. In fact we only get her story in small bits. I found myself confused at times because it read like I should already know the back story. The .5 in the title made me think it might be a prequel written after the main series started. However according to the release dates published on goodreads this isn't the case.

The heroine of the story is apparently a very specially gifted person with abilities few people possess in her world. Although she has these tremendous abilities, she comes across as not very strong at times. She seems to be controlled by circumstance rather than controlling circumstance. She doesn't even seem that well respected by the very people who want her help.

Runespeaker is an interesting story, but for me it was just too bare bones. I needed more backstory as to how the current situation came to be. It is there, but the reader has to get it in too many small bites. Kind of took some of the fun out of it for me. It may well be that I am just not well versed enough in Runecasting or reading to fully grasp the concept here.

Runespeaker by Mila N. Sankale left me wanting more story. As a college writing professor once told me, "more words". The story is good (I did finish it after all) I just needed more words. Enjoy!


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