Saturday, June 17, 2017

Edge of End: A Novel

I received an e-version of Edge of End: A Novel by H. G. Suren aka Suren Hakobyan.

I have read this author's work before and enjoyed it immensely (since I have seen the name Suren presented first and last, I don't know whether it is his first or last name, I am proceeding with the belief that Suren is his surname).  For me Edge of End far surpasses what I've read from him in the past, and that is saying a lot since as I recall, I rated The Silent City five stars.

Edge of End reads like an extended Twilight Zone (and that is a very good thing). Our main character is caught in an incomprehensible situation. He has to learn as he goes along and the consequences for making a mistake are dire indeed. Edge of End is presented as a horror story, and no doubt it is, but it also is extremely suspenseful. Graphic, gruesome, violent, action, almost graphic sexuality, intrigue, romance, heroism and psychological mind games.

Edge of End begins in a life or death struggle and continues non-stop (literally) for the entire book. There is no let up in the story at all. It kept me riveted (I even had a dream set in this story, and that does not happen to me often). Though I was not able to read it in one setting, I was able to pick up the story with no problem when I came back to it.

A very scary thought to even imagine this story in anyway approaching reality (talk about scared straight). But there is no denying the spiritual aspects to this story. It is a story of right and vs wrong, good vs evil, redemption, and selfishness vs. selflessness.

Edge of End : A Novel by H. G. Suren (that's how his name is presented on this book) is an awesome story to get lost in and scare the snot out of yourself with. Enjoy!


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