Friday, August 11, 2017

The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller

Hi everybody, I'm Baaaack!

Still recuperating from five level neck fusion, but getting back into it. I actually finished this book before surgery but was unable to post a review.

I read a print copy of  The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller by J. B. Michaels.

This was a really fun read. In the flavor of the books I read as a young reader, kids doing the smart, heroic stuff without those pesky adults getting in the way.

Make no mistake, The Order of St. Michael is a middle grade/ YA book but even old guys like me can enjoy the action adventure, suspense, and age appropriate depictions of violence. Our hero Bud is of course not your average kid who has to foil the plot of a wicked adult trying to exploit his genius work.

The paranormal setting is a great vehicle for telling the story. The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller is an all around fun read which will keep you hooked throughout. It is a quick read, great as a palate cleanser between the more serious or intense works that I usually read. A great change of pace.

If your looking for such a change of pace, or want to feel good with what your younger reader may be looking at, The Order of St. Michael : A Bud Hutchins Thriller by J. B. Michaels fills the bill nicely. I recommend it. Enjoy!


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