Friday, June 1, 2018


Icarus (The Noble Trilogy Book 1) by [Hulegaard, David K.]

I won a print copy of Icarus the first book in The Noble Trilogy by David K. Hulegaard in a Goodreads Giveaway.

Icarus is a great start to an ongoing story of mystery, murder, noir detective, with overtones of political/military/alien subversive activity. This first entry leaves a lot of unanswered questions; the most intriguing being who the bad guys actually are.

Not predictable at all for me. (Mini spoiler) I was shocked by the demise of who I thought were main characters. This just tells me there are a lot of twists and turns to come.

Set in the late 40's, we have a not-very-hard-boiled detective (Miller Brinkman) caught up in a colossal world shattering secret operation. By the end of this first book we are not sure of who is actually in control of the sinister agenda. 

A lot of character development in the form of flashbacks. A lot of story yet to be developed. Perhaps a bit slow in the beginning (not enough to make me want to stop reading), I was thoroughly hooked before long.   

Icarus does employ the ever vilified cliffhanger ending, although given the flow of the story I have a hard time seeing how it could have been avoided. Author Hulegaard has an engaging style, keeping the reader interested in the story, while building the suspense and terror (oh yes, there's terror). I really liked Icarus, Book 1 of The Noble Trilogy by David K. Hulegaard and am looking forward to continuing on Miller Brinkman's investigation. Enjoy!


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