Friday, August 12, 2016

Lost Prophecy: Awakening

Author Kimberly Bernard sent me a print copy of Lost Prophecy: Awakening for review.

Lost Prophecy: Awakening is the first book in the Lost Prophecy series. I think it does a pretty good job as a first installment. I do think it is aimed a younger audience than me, but it is still a very enjoyable read. As usual in YA stories, it takes a while for the adults to get on board with the situation, but they do finally get it.

First, let's start with the very minor negative. For me, the dialogue comes across as a little bit too formal for teenagers. I'm not saying it should be slang filled or profanity laced, it's just a little stilted and uncomfortable at times. Okay, that's it for the negative.

Positives: Our hero, Nick, although resentful that his parents (adults) don't believe him, he is still respectful (for the most part, he is a teenage boy after all).  I find it encouraging that the teens in Lost Prophecy: Awakening  do not speak to adults as is often the current fashion, ie; cursing, disrespectful and basically in a manner that would have gotten a few of my teeth removed had I talked to my parents in such a manner (Obligatory editorial comment). Kudos to Kimberly Bernard for giving us likable characters on both sides of the age gap. Also, my biggest compliment to the author: She resolved a major question and was still able to keep us involved in the ongoing story line (read; wanting to read the next book) without having to resort to a cliffhanger ending. It is always nice when an author is able to do this. That shows me she has confidence that the strength of her story will keep readers interested.

Lost Prophecy: Awakening is an adventure/mystery which takes our characters to some pretty exotic locales painting a vivid mental picture (theater of the mind don't you know). As I said, Lost Prophecy: Awakening is probably aimed at a young adult audience, I wouldn't have a problem letting younger (middle grade) readers read this book. The language is appropriate for all ages while the story line is sophisticated enough to appeal to older readers (like me). It's fun and exciting, yet still clean (good job Ms. Bernard). There is action, violence (not graphic, more threatened), possibly budding romance, academic bad guys, supportive yet at times clueless parents, and smart, resourceful and intelligent teenagers.

Lost Prophecy: Awakening by Kimberly Bernard is a good, fun, clean read, good for all ages, Enjoy!


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