Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trapped In A Hall Of Mirrors: How the Luckiest Man in the World Became a Spy

Trapped In A Hall Of Mirrors  by Michael Connick was sent to me in print format for review.

This book is, according to the title page, "based on true events". Author Michael Connick has a background of working with the intelligence community and has provided us with a exciting and often hilarious fictional account of that background.

He does not tell us what parts are real and what are his own invention. I guess if he did he would have to kill us, and I believe it is usually considered bad form for an author to kill his audience.

Trapped In A Hall Of Mirrors  brings to mind Get Smart meets James Bond. Only the reminder that the story is based on actual events keeps me from taking the story as a complete spoof. I think it was the tv show M*A*S*H that coined the term "screwing up in reverse", and that seems to have happened quite a bit in the case of Stephen Connor (our hero). He at times irritates, aggravates, puzzles, perturbs and downright pisses-off several major intelligence agencies around the world.

In the end, we have to say "Thank God he was on our side". Connick has a great time pointing out the twisted logic that often holds sway in the intelligence community as a whole ("our side" didn't often appear to be that much more logical in their actions).

I didn't really take Trapped In A Hall Of Mirrors as and indictment of, or comment on, the state of intelligence agencies in general. I take it as a fun peek behind the curtains, so to speak (the bad guys really shouldn't have paid any attention to that man behind the curtain).

Michael Connick hinted at another story for another book (okay, he didn't hint, he came right out and said it), I hope he chooses to tell us that story as well.

There is some violence (fairly graphic), some sex (fairly un-graphic) and almost-sex (he does get the girl, or does she get him?), but most of all good bureaucratic silliness.

For a good, quick (158 page), fun read, I recommend  Trapped In A Hall Of Mirrors by Michael Connick, I think you'll like it. Enjoy!


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