Sunday, March 20, 2016


No, I'm not yelling the title at you, that's the way it's presented. Author, poet and photographer Shawn Lacey gave me an e-version of A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A CROSS BORDER COMMUTER for review.

Although arranged in chapters named for the months of the year, A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A CROSS BORDER COMMUTER reads at times like a stream of consciousness presentation of inspirational poetry, humorous poetry, general humor and photographs. A very interesting manner of presentation for me as I am not the country's foremost authority on, or fan of, poetry. But I did enjoys this.

I particularly enjoyed the irreverent comedy. My question for Shawn Lacey is: I don't wear sandals, is barefoot ok? (You'll have to read the book to get that one). Not an especially long book at 206 pages (according to Goodreads) and considering most pages are formatted for poetry, this was a fun and fast read.

I did not follow the authors advice to consult a poetry expert while reading his work, but I think I did ok. The only problem for me was the photography. On the platform of my e-reader; small and black and white, the pictures didn't come through well. I would expect a print copy, or even a tablet platform would display the photography better.

All in all, a fun use of a few hours. Good job Shawn (if I may be so familiar)! Enjoy!


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