Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hell Road Warriors

At last! I'm reviewing a book I had to pay for! And yes it's a Deathlands book. Hell Road Warriors. There are 120 entries in this series, so be glad I'm not reviewing them all at once.

I know James Axler is a house name and several different authors have written books in this series. To tell the truth, I don't go find out who actually wrote each one, sue me.

It's no secret I love the Deathlands series. Post-apocalyptic fiction is one of my favorite genres. Hell Road Warriors is another good entry in the series. It takes place in Canada. I found it quite different from the usual Deathlands adventure. As I said it's a good entry in the series, but in my opinion, not the best.

Things that struck me; most of the redoubts in the deathlands are pretty well cleaned out by this time in the series yet in Canada they are pristine and just being discovered. Although there is plenty of shoot 'em up action, to me everything just seemed to flow too smoothly for the companions. Doc Tanner was definitely portrayed differently than I am used to, more feeble and confused than usual. In fact all the main characters seem to me to have been toned down. I expect over the top portrayals of Ryan and the Gang. Just felt kind of "vanilla" to me.

I'm sure die hard Deathlands fans will strongly disagree with my assessment, but hey, it's how Hell Road Warriors read for me.

I don't think fans of the series will be put off by Hell Road Warriors, I wasn't. I've got three more waiting on my shelf (I space them out to treat myself), and I look forward with eager anticipation to reading them.

Bottom line; if you are a Deathlands fan, you will like Hell Road Warriors, I just would not suggest it as the book to hook a new reader. Enjoy!


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