Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chrono Spasm

Chrono Spasm by James Axler is book #109 in the Deathlands Series.

The Deathlands books are my guilty pleasure in the book reading world. I have to pay for them, oh well.  They are not great literature by most standards, but I find them immensely enjoyable reading.

We know Ryan Cawdor and his companions are going to be abused, beaten and otherwise mistreated, but they are going to kick butt before it's all done and over. C'mon it's their books after all. The question, as always, is how are they going to pull the fat out of the fire this time, and what new twisted adventures have the authors inflicted on them.

Chrono Spasm is one of the better offerings in the Deathlands Saga. As most everyone who follows this series knows, there is no James Axler. Several different authors write these books. It's not difficult to find out the actual authors name for each book, but I don't. I just go along for the ride.

This time the story is set in far north Alaska. There have been others set there as well (What are you gonna do? 50 states 120 books, you do the math). This time though there is a really good twist. Think Stephen King's The Langoliers. Not the same but similar.

As always, lots of graphic violence, of course those "chilled" mostly deserve chilling. There are, as is often the case in Deathlands, sexually twisted sickos, less than intelligent sheep who follow demented leaders, and the helpless victims of these people.

As the title Chrono Spasm would lead one to believe, the story does have to do with time manipulation, so Doc Tanner figures predominantly in this edition.

Post apocalyptic fiction is one of my favorite genres, if it is one of yours, The Deathlands Saga is great escapist reading (probably says something about me). Chrono Spasm by the ever mysterious James Axler, is a good entry in the series. Enjoy!


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