Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Making Angel

Making Angel (Mariani Crime Family #1) penned (Digitized?) by Amanda Washington was given to me in e-format by the author for review.

First I must say, Amanda Washington is a very clever (maybe even sneaky) author. She managed to weave a romance into a Mafia story.  We all know I'm not much for straight-up romance stories. Making Angel is a terrific blend of action/adventure and romance.

Going strictly off the title, I expected "Angel" to be a female (yeah I know, sexist old fart) so I started the book surprised, yep, Angel is a guy (D'Angelo).  No secret now,  Making Angel is not your typical shoot-em up mafia story. It is a well rounded tale of crime, technology, familial loyalty and yes, romance.

Our hero is a very like-able guy, especially considering his place in the local Vegas mafia hierarchy. Even though a strong story-line is the romance he becomes involved in, I enjoyed the almost equally strong "buddy" story-line (Angel and his body guard Bones).

The characters are well developed and believable. It would be easy to fall into the genre stereotypes of mafia characters. Ms. Washington deftly combines in Angel, confidence and business acumen with almost schoolboy goofiness and ineptitude in matters romantic. I find this a much more appealing character than a suave, does everything right, seducer of women.

Making Angel, although full of drama, life and death situations, deep emotional conflicts, violence, crime and corruption, is still able to leave the reader with a light-hearted feeling. I think that is a testament to the authors ability to tell a good story.

Making Angel (Mariani Crime Family #1) is actually the second book (numerically) in the Mariani Crime Family trilogy. Book 0 may be a "prequel" who knows. I do know that the installment I read was very good, so I expect the rest is as well.

If you are more concerned with reading a well told story than what specific genre it occupies, Making Angel is the book for you. Enjoy!


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