Saturday, August 27, 2016

Waves of Reprisal

Malcolm Little provided me with an e-copy of Waves of Reprisal for review.

I am always up for a good post-apocalyptic read and Waves of Reprisal is a good post-apocalyptic read.

Waves of Reprisal  is set in the area of what was once France and Germany. I say was once because unlike many post apocalyptic stories Waves of Reprisal  takes place almost thirteen centuries post apocalypse. Long enough for the pre-apocalyptic society to pass into myth and legend. We actually start the story with the apocalypse, but it is treated more as an intro so we don't spend a lot of time there.

1266 years later our hero, Hanyma (Ha-nee-ma), is engaged in a blood feud with a merciless marauder, Tulock,  part of a group dedicated to the domination of the world. This group is responsible for the death of Hanyma's family as well as her entire village. Her goal is to stop them from destroying more villages.

Whether by luck or design (the reader can draw their own conclusion), Hanyma begins to uncover ancient technology, becoming a reluctant hero and leader.

Hanyma's world is a brutal place for sure, but she does find the opportunity to make friends and comrades along the way.

Waves of Reprisal  is the first in a series. While not a cliffhanger ending (thank you Malcolm Little), there are plenty of questions left to be answered in future books. This story is definitely action oriented, but this does not mean other themes are ignored. Relationships given prominence as well. Yes, there is even budding romance.

Although ancient technology is at the core of the story, author Malcolm Little does not bog us down with techie info. I like this as I am no techno-nerd. We do have the aforementioned ancient technology; Robots called Synthoids, pulse-pistols, gamma-rifles, clones and technological fortresses. We also have talking wolves, bears, and other large animals (we have not yet been told exactly how these abilities have come to the animals).

So, basically we find that the world is again on the cusp of destruction, setting the scene for a battle for the future of humankind.

Malcolm Little has painted a picture of a brutal yet beautiful world, with well developed characters we can root for and against. The possibility of redemption and renewal exists. I personally am interested in what happens with the wolves.

If, as I do, you prefer your sci-fi to lean more towards fantasy than techno, Waves of Reprisal  by Malcolm Little is the ticket. Enjoy!


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