Friday, November 11, 2016

A Boy Nonetheless

I was given an e-version of A Boy Nonetheless by Robert Denis Holewinski in exchange for a review.

A Boy Nonetheless the story of a boys life told in "narrative poem format". I admit I don't know exactly what that means other than it was presented like a poem that didn't rhyme (except for one chapter). So obviously I can't comment with any credibility as to the format.

But I can comment on the story itself: it's good.

The story of a young boys life told from various views; himself, teachers, friends, etc. It is at times heart breaking, heart warming, irritating, and comforting. It was for me powerfully emotionally evocative. In a few short lines author Holewinski paints a complex picture of a life.

As I have stated in other reviews, I don't spend a lot of time looking for the "message" in the books I read, I want to be entertained. I won't try to analyze A Boy Nonetheless from either a literary or psychological perspective. That is your job as the reader. But as I said; it did move me emotionally. I will say I was somewhat surprised at the ending (although I can't really say what I was expecting), but I also can say I could not suggest a better one.

A Boy Nonetheless by Robert Denis Holewinski is a short read but a good one. Enjoy!


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