Monday, November 7, 2016

The Class of '59

John Heldt sent me an e-copy of his latest book; The Class of '59 for review.

I have had the pleasure of reading all of Mr. Heldt's books to date. The Class of '59 maintains the level his readers have come to expect. You might think that at 9 time travel books, he might become predictable or stale, but you would be wrong!

I am always surprised (and grateful) that these books, divided into two series; the earlier Northwest Passage and the more recent American Journey, stay so fresh and entertaining.

Telling the story of the meeting and subsequent relationships of two young women from 2017 and two young men from 1959, The Class of '59 focuses even more on the characters than earlier stories have. There are no Geo-political or natural disasters to deal with. We stay with the time travelers for the whole story. I enjoyed getting to see them just be themselves, dealing with their own particular situations. The focus is more on emotions, young love, high school drama, and the culture shock of moving between 1959 and 2017.

Minor spoiler alert! We have active time travel in both directions.

Even though I don't usually try to guess where a story is going to go, sometimes I can't help myself. I thought I had The Class of '59 pegged a couple of times, I missed the mark. I got the ending completely wrong. Given the time frame, I expected Southeast Asia to be involved, wrong again. But, as usual, Heldt ties the whole story into the greater series seamlessly.

John Heldt continues to remind me of why he has a solid spot on my short list of favorite authors. He consistently gives me good wholesome (and yes, that is very important to me), stories that rely on plot and character development. Sometimes readers just want to enjoy a book and feel good at the end. John Heldt is my go to author when I'm in that kind of mood.

The Class of '59 by John Heldt is the latest in his growing line of books that will entertain and uplift the reader. If you haven't read this authors work yet, I strongly encourage you to give him a read. You won't be disappointed. I believe he will become one of your favorite authors too. Enjoy!


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