Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lake of Fire (The Apostates #3)

I was given an e-copy of Lake of Fire by author Lars Teeney for review.

Having read the first two books in the Apostates series, I was looking forward to reading the conclusion of this trilogy. There were a couple of particular characters I was interested in following. Author Lars Teeney delivered an entertaining story, with a truly surprising ending.

There are a lot of characters (I mean a LOT of characters) to keep track of. This has of course been the case throughout the series, so nothing new there. Albeit minor, this would the biggest negative I find in this book. It was sometimes difficult to keep track, especially as names for the former rebels have changed. Again minor in the big picture and would probably be even less of a problem if the reader has access to all three installments and could read them closer together.

The only other drawback is the presence of typos and errors (always the bane of e-books). Not an overwhelming number, but enough to interrupt the flow of the read.

Now on to the positive; My favorite character was the 1968 Dodge Charger owned by Ayane Inoguchi. I know, an inanimate character, but it is an awesome car. The things it can do beyond just being a Charger (the coolest car ever made) make it a cooler character than KITT. Personal opinion, but then that's what a review is, isn't it?

Lake of Fire is a great blending of dystopian government, seriously advanced technology, and post-apocalyptic survival. In most books each of these aspects lead to the next. Here Teeney has kept them all alive and well in his story. He demonstrates what could happen in the vacuum left in the wake of rebellion, all the different factions vying for dominance.

The ending, as I hinted at earlier, is a real surprise that I can't see how any reader could see coming. Much to my enjoyment the epilogue does a good job of bringing a solid end to the story, so, kudos to Mr. Teeney for giving us closure.

Lake of Fire is a fitting end to an overall excellent story. Readers of complex, multi-genre, unpredictable fiction will find intellectual stimulation and literary satisfaction with Lars Teeney's epic tale of rebellion, dystopia, technology and societal disintegration. There is ultra-violence, some sex, and diversity enough to satisfy any reader. Enjoy!


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