Monday, September 25, 2017

Lillith: The Adventures of Xanthus Book 3

Lillith: The Adventures of Xanthus Book 3 is the final book given to me in e-format for review.

Lillith is apparently not the end of the series as the book ends as somewhat of a cliffhanger leading to another installment. The first three installments are all that were supplied to me.

At less than 50 pages this entry is by far the shortest of the three.

With all respect to Francis Mills (the author), Lillith is just a fail for me. I couldn't wait to finish it. The only reason I did is because it is so short. For me the story is unnecessary. As I said, this is not (apparently) the end of the story, but for me it is.

Again, respect to Francis Mills for putting it out there and I respect the effort, but I promised an honest review. Don't give up on writing, you do show imagination.


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