Monday, September 4, 2017

Soul Census

Author A. J. Vega provided a print copy of Soul Census for review.

Soul Census is the first installment in the Soul Census Trilogy, and a fantastic first installment it is.  A. J. Vega is another indie author keeping the quality of indie writing at the highest level. He has set himself a huge task in continuing this story. It is that good.

It is difficult for me to find a genre with which to label Soul Census. It is fantasy, spirituality, reincarnation, love, suspense, history and much much more. Parts of the story are told in the spirit of 50's noir, part in contemporary suspense, at times humorous, horrific, romantic and redemptive. There is just so much going on here. You are starting to see why it is hard to pigeon-hole.

Suffice to say, Soul Census firmly has a place in the category of  "darn good book".

As for the story itself, we enjoy the eternal conflict of good vs evil, eternal love, eternal creation (are you sensing a theme here?). Soul Census touches metaphorically on spiritual, religious and political topics. A very intricate tale with characters whose existences are intertwined across the ages. The story actually spans approximately 1.5 million years and countless lifetimes.

Although not a cliffhanger ending in the classic sense (thank you A.J. Vega), Soul Census does leave the reader hungry to continue the story. There is action, sometimes graphic, At times in the "real" world and at times on the etheric plane. To try and condense the flavor of the story into a few sentences would be an injustice of mythic (perhaps even Biblical) proportion. A complex and intricate story yet surprisingly easy to follow.

Soul Census by A.J. Vega is a fantastic read which I believe will have you waiting as eagerly as I am to continue the adventure. I strongly recommend checking this book out. Enjoy!


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