Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Angels and Avalon

Author Catherine Milos was kind enough to send me an e-version of Angels and Avalon after I failed to win the goodreads giveaway for it.

Angels and Avalon was, for me a bit of a departure from what I usually read. The focus was on mostly good characters; God and Goddess, Angels, and a very good human. Of course Lucifer is also present so not all is wonderful.

The premise: Avalon is a paradise created by Goddess, hidden from the view of other divine beings who would destroy it.

I enjoyed the idyllic setting of Avalon (not Arthur's Avalon) but as is always the case, the paradise is invaded (I guess the book would have become boring otherwise). The Elysian Fields are a myth after all.

We have angels behaving as badly as humans, ... or angels, who knows? We have love, envy, violence, hate, kindness, tenderness and abuse.

Angels and Avalon spans several lifetimes and got a bit confusing towards the end because of this. Not horribly so, and it is an integral part of the story so it can be forgiven by the reader.

The activities of the characters in Angels and Avalon may give pause to more fundamental Christians (Goddess?), but my advice to them would be: It's fiction.Further as a Christian the story does not offend me in the slightest. Lucifer is Lucifer, so it is no spoiler what he is about.

Angels and Avalon is at its core a heartwarming tale of love (see? not my usual fare). But is not saccharin sweet or cloying. A good balance. Author Catharine Milos has given us a nice, clean, often gentle story, yet there are plenty of moments of evil and horror to keep the story balanced. I think if you give Angels and Avalon a look you will find it a pleasing read, Enjoy!


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