Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ebba, the First Easter Hare (Spring)

Ebba, the first Easter Hare (SPRING) (FOUR SEASONS Book 2)

Ever have to try to explain to a child why the Easter Bunny brings eggs?

Ebba, the First Easter Hare by Leen Lefebre tells the story. It is a dark and foreboding world Ebba inhabits. As you would expect, she is a truly good hare (the story differentiates between hares and rabbits). Our heroine (hareoine?) is on a quest to find a place of light. 

Ebba, the First Easter Hare is not light fantasy in my mind. It is a bit more dark than I would have expected. But it is a great story non-the-less. To explain about the eggs would be a spoiler, so no. During her quest, Ebba learns about the larger world and meets other inhabitants all while trying to live her motto: Never show fear.

Looking up the author Leen Lefebre, I found she lives in Belgium. This may explain my one negative, the book is a bit choppy, like (surprise) it was translated from another language. Minor complaint, and readers will enjoy having an answer to "that question". A quick read that I got to enjoy right at Easter.  book

This book operates on several levels; a children's story, a morality play, a philosophical exploration or just a fun read about a hare. You can choose for yourself. A fun story. Enjoy!


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