Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gun Kiss

Gun Kiss

I received an ecopy of Gun Kiss from author Khaled Talib for review.

Wow! This is an action packed book. Semi-spy meets Hollywood mega-star (How is part of the plot).
Very high body count. Graphic violence perpetrated by a truly deranged bad guy. The action just never lets up, and this may be the knock against the book. Too much nonstop violent action can lead to a kind of fatigue in the reader (it did in me). 

The scope of the story covers the world and does tie the story together well. The various story lines are intertwined effectively. 

The romance in the story does not get the attention it deserves in my opinion. It becomes secondary to the violent action when it is more integral to the tale. This made the book a bit unbalanced.

I did over all enjoy Gun Kiss as shoot 'em up action and the negatives I share here were mostly easily overlooked. However there was one point I couldn't get past, and I break my own rule because this is a bit of a spoiler. Toward the end of the story our author attempts to introduce a story line of racism and social justice that just doesn't fit the story as constructed. It was off-putting for me. Not because of his message, but that it was such a jarring distraction to the story.

Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib is over the top action, and if that is your bag, you'll like this book. Enjoy!


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