Friday, May 4, 2018

Crooked E: A Short Story

Crooked E: A Short Story

Rebecca McNutt sent me an e-copy of Crooked E: A Short Story just because I requested it.

Crooked E is a retelling of the neighborhood haunted house story. The house with the spooky history that people use to scare each other. Ms. McNutt does a good job of telling the story. While it has been told in many incarnations, Crooked E does manage to be original in its own way. 

The author does a good job of creating the proper atmospheric dread. She created the perfect protagonist to relate the story. We want to shout "get away from them" as we can tell something bad is coming.

The ending was no surprise, but that is what I liked. It is what I wanted to read. Sometimes the "ending with a twist" just feels abusive when it doesn't fit the narrative.

A good quick spooky read, kind of like the ghost stories we like to share around a campfire. Enjoy!


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