Friday, May 4, 2018

Surfing with Snakes and Dragons: and Other Tales of Suburbia

Surfing with Snakes  Dragons

Author Roger J. Couture sent me a print copy of Surfing with Snakes & Dragons: and Other Tales of Suburbia for review.

For me this was not an easy read. The verbiage of Mr. Couture is complex and beautifully descriptive, but does not lend itself to quick reading. I don't say this as criticism but sharing how the book affected me.

There are eight stories on varied topics delving deeply into the existential conflicts the characters were dealing with. We see characters at all substrata of society dealing with similar problems. Social or financial status does not protect from such dilemmas.

Along the way we get a bit of a primer on such topics as surfing (Surprised?), street life, marriage, race car driving and relationships; both casual and committed.

We see there are people living "low" status lives in strictly honorable ways. We see the struggles of drug use and the paranoia that can come with it. We see the adrenaline junkies who will never "grow up". People who live life on the edge. People who live lives of quiet desperation.

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons explores all these themes and more. There are moments of levity, romance, tenderness and love sprinkled throughout. A balance of life in general.

As I said Surfing with Snakes & Dragons... by Roger J. Couture is not a simple read, but it is a satisfying one. Enjoy!


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