Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Indiana Belle

An e-version of Indiana Belle was provided by author John A Heldt for review.

Indiana Belle is the third installment in the American Journey series.

Often, when an author has written several books in a specific genre, they begin to become somewhat predictable and formulaic. This is not at all the case for John Heldt. Although Indiana Belle is the eighth time-travel book he has written, the third of the second series, he continues to bring fresh, adventurous stories full of twists and turns the reader will not see coming. Yes, there are similarities throughout his work; time travel for one, and romance for another, and always adventure. Kind of hard to avoid when you write time-travel/adventure/romance novels.

I particularly enjoy the characters he crafts for these stories. They are well developed and sympathetic for the most part. Of course, the bad guys are less sympathetic. We get history from times that are not as well known generally. A real plus in Indiana Belle is that Heldt explores new territory for the recurring characters; the Bells.

Our intrepid time-traveler is much different this time, he seeks out Bell and coerces him into providing the means to travel to 1925. Naturally there is a romantic interest for Cameron (the time-traveler), but here is another vital goal to achieve. You'll have to read Indiana Bell (or read the review of someone who uses spoilers) to find out what that is. But I will tell you this; it is integral to the American Journey and John Heldt franchises (how's that for ominous?).

In Indiana Belle we get to see a new slice of American life. It is fun for me as a reader, to spend time in another era. We get to see the ways our society and culture have changed over the years without moralizing, great fun.

I really enjoyed the ending of Indiana Bell, extremely satisfying!

This is the sixth book authored by John Heldt that I have reviewed (I have the other two, but haven't gotten to them yet). I don't believe I have said anything negative about any of them. John A Heldt (make sure the "A" is there when you google him or you'll get someone else) has quickly become one of my favorite authors. His books are good clean stories that give the reader a warm feeling when they are finished.

So if you want a clean, fun, romantic (with a little non-graphic sex thrown in for spice), adventure, that will keep you entertained, Indiana Belle, fills the bill nicely. Even an irreverent, cynic like myself finds Heldt's work satisfying and emotionally uplifting. Enjoy!


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