Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Years Resoultion

I was given an e-version of Robert Lampros' Last Years Resolution for review.

Last Years Resolution is a quick, thoughtful read focusing on the book of Revelation from the Bible.

We follow the early manifestations of the end of days as experienced by a famous writer. He is a God-fearing man who actually listens to God. He is not immune to the effects of some of the judgments visited on mankind, but as an obedient Christian, he is not consumed by them.

At the same time, Last Years Resolution is a love story. We witness the growing relationship between our writer and his new found lady fair.

Throughout all the turmoil, our couple maintain their love of and obedience to, God. The benefit of doing so is clear throughout the story.

I realize I'm sharing more of the actual story than I usually do. But I find it kind of necessary with this particular book.

Last Years Resolution is a well written, clean, Christian story. One of the more thoughtful depictions of a popular theme. It is not an over the top horror-fest, but it is not sugar-coated either. It portrays situations that a large portion of the Earths population believes will occur at some point in time, and shows the benefit of being properly prepared.

Last Years Resolution by Robert Lampros is a non-sensationalist telling of  Biblical Prophesy. Those readers interested in such a topic will find this telling both entertaining and faith affirming. Not a bad feat to accomplish. Enjoy!


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