Sunday, June 12, 2016


Titanborn has not been released yet, so the only place you'll find my review is here on my blog or at Goodreads (I hope). I'll post at Amazon and Barnes & Noble when the book is released.

Titanborn in e-format was provided by author Rhett C. Bruno for review.

Titanborn is an entertaining blend of post- apocalyptic and outer-space science fiction. The universe is now controlled by corporations. Our story follows the exploits of a "Collector" Malcolm Graves, kind of a corporate paid bounty hunter.

This story ranges from earth, to the rings of Saturn as humanity has spread through the universe.

Along the way we have new technology to deal with, as well as estranged family, and corporate deviousness,  Malcolm is a serious bad ass, the kind of guy you don't want to ever have to deal with (unless of course you are a corporate big wig).

We follow Malcolm as he resolves a series of problems. Without giving away the whole story, Malcolm's usually mercenary attitude (don't kill for free),  is challenged.

Titanborn is long on action, corporate intrigue, high-tech and personal relationships. Minimal sex, no romance, but lots of emotional turmoil.

Fast-paced, the story did not bog down at all. It kept me engaged to the point that I finished it in one day. The characters are developed through the course of the story. We are constantly learning more about them and their motivations as the story progresses. For me, this kept the story fresh and interesting. Author Bruno does a great job of setting the mood in the various locales he weaves into his story, allowing readers to feel the lack of creature comfort in the more remote locations. Malcolm's world is gritty and harsh, just the way it should be in this kind of story.

I saw no indication that Titanborn is the start of a series. The ending did not lean towards anymore books, but I've been wrong before. Either way, if Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno is a one-off, or the beginning of a series, it is a story fans of the genre should thoroughly enjoy.

Action, drama, space travel, intrigue, rebellion and emotion. Titanborn has it all. Enjoy!


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