Sunday, November 26, 2017

Spine Chillers: Book One: Hair Raising Tales

I received an ecopy of Spine Chillers by Q. L. Pearce. Although I'm not sure who provided it, my ereader identifies another author of similar books, but the file itself identifies Pearce as the author. Looking at the goodreads page for Q.L. Pearce does show the book to be hers.

As the title says; book one. I haven't seen how many more are projected.

Spine Chillers is a fun set of short stories aimed at middle grade readers but are enjoyable for older readers as well. The stories are in the mode of a Goosebumps or, for older readers, a Twilight Zone feel. Great stories to curl up with on a dark and dreary day, or to share with younger readers. The stories are sufficiently spooky to keep mature readers hooked while short enough to fit younger attention spans. Enjoy!


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