Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Itching Scars

Author Mohy Omar provided me with an ecopy of The Itching Scars.

The Itching Scars is a triad of thematically joined short stories. Focused on the darker aspects of humanity, the stories delve into life. death. and morality. It is also the first in a series The Scars. I don't know how many books are planned.

The stories are graphic in nature, both psychologically and physically. We get graphic depictions of sexuality, murder, and torture as well as existential suffering and longing. Quite a package.

Psychological types (like I used to be) could spend hours discussing the nuances of these stories. They would make excellent fodder for a class in psychological literature. The stories are actually quite deep. I was particularly impressed with the authors treatment of death. Although all three stories are excellent, this first was for me the most moving.

For a deeper look into what it means to be human, I recommend The Itching Scars by Mohy Omar. Enjoy!


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