Saturday, January 13, 2018

Desolation Crossing

It was time for a little guilty pleasure reading, so I went with Desolation Crossing by the non-existent James Axler. I don't know the name of the actual author (just like the other hundred or so Deathlands books I have read).

Desolation Crossing is to my mind, one of the better entries in the series. Face it folks we are not talking literature for the ages here, we're talking survival in a post nuclear wasteland.

Plot? Sliced so thin it only has one side. But really, all a plot is for in the Deathlands series is to put our heroes in position to blow stuff up, chill bad-guys, and generally contribute to the mayhem of the times. That's why we read 'em!

Desolation Crossing is down and dirty survival mayhem and carnage. No bizarro world tech. No space station time travelling cold hearts bent on dominating the nuclear waste pile that is the deathlands. Just shoot first and ask questions later action, plenty of it here, the road trip from hell.

We learn a bit of J.B.'s history (the plot thins). One thing I really liked was not having to read for the hundredth time the backstories of each character. By now (book 86 or 87 depending on your source) we know how each character came to be a part of the companions, enough already!

Sex, drugs, and a little rock and roll, plus all the shoot 'em up action you could want. Desolation Crossing filled my guilty pleasure craving very nicely thank you. Enjoy!


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