Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Girl from the Woods

I won a print copy of The Girl from the Woods by Chris Keane in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway.

The Girl from the Woods, would for me, be best described as a romance/suspense  rather than the sci fi/ fantasy it is listed as. A small quibble, but I was expecting a much more paranormal focus. The story wound up interesting enough to overcome my disappointment.

I guess the fantasy aspect is true; our main character Dante, while being basically a slacker and a some what loser, is also at nineteen years old still a virgin. Sounds pretty fantastical for these days.

Seriously though, the story while fairly short, is suspenseful and entertaining. We have a very and I mean very dysfunctional family. We have a very hot girl (much hotter in print than on the cover, just saying), and a setting which lends itself to the darker vibe needed to keep the story interesting.

The story unfolds as any good YA mystery does, enough twists and turns. It is, perhaps, a bit more mature than I would have expected, both in language and sexuality. It's probably my age that makes me notice coarser language. The depictions of sex are graphic without being offensive (I'm not a prude).

The Girl from the Woods  by Chris Keane is fun, funny, suspenseful, spooky and sexy all at once. A fun read to be sure. Enjoy!


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