Monday, January 8, 2018

The Perfect Partner

Author(s) Ursula LeCoeur provided an ecopy of The Perfect Partner book #4 in the Love in New Orleans series.

Although I am not a big romance fan, two things convinced me to give The Perfect Partner a look.

First, the book is set in New Orleans and lately I enjoy stories set there. Second, and more important, The Perfect Partner is the second book in the Love in New Orleans series that I have read. I had already reviewed The Devious Debutante and enjoyed it, so the decision wasn't really that difficult.

The Perfect Partner continues focusing on different characters I already met in my earlier reading. There is a lot of comedy, sexual tension and drama. Sexual tension that is interesting based on the time frame the story is set in, the late 1800's. It probably wouldn't be as believable set in current times. And while still on the topic of sex, I am again surprised at the steaminess of the scenes of sexuality written by a mother and daughter writing team. Wouldn't have worked for me with either of my parents.

The social and cultural differences highlighted in The Perfect Partner add to the fun of this story. The social and sexual taboos are hilarious at times.

Our partners are a pair of mismatched advice columnists and the interactions between them are priceless. Add a helping of murder and a taste of voodoo, and you have a well rounded story that entertains even grumpy old men like me.

So, a romance that is not sappy, action, "modern women", drama, suspense and humor. A little something for everyone. The Perfect Partner by Ursula LeCoeur has it all. Enjoy!


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