Monday, March 19, 2018

Science and Wonders II: The Light, the Heat

Author Amy Joy gave me an e-copy of Science and Wonders II: The Light, the Heat for review.

I have read and reviewed the first book in the series; On the Edge of the Chasm. This follow up is every bit as good. We get to hear more about Amy Joy's adventures and misadventures as she makes her way through the college experience.

Amy Joy does still strive to bridge the chasm between science and religion in this second book, but I will say however, that The Light, the Heat does lean a bit more towards the Christian side of her story. I don't say this as a negative, or in any way an admonishment, merely an observation.

We get even more insight into the thoughts and feelings of this unique person as she shares her life with us. It is at times, tragic, uplifting, terrifying, and hilarious. Kind of like life for real.  We see an indomitable will, and a strong reliance on faith.

What I like most about Amy Joy's work is her unapologetic telling of her story. She is an unabashedly devout follower of Jesus Christ and her writing demonstrates this. Although strong in its message of her faith, it is not a "you better believe too" kind of book, not a beat you over the head until you submit book. It's more of a "this is how it works for me" book. I am not a fan of writing that tries to guilt me into accepting the author's viewpoint. Thankfully Amy Joy apparently feels the same.

I enjoyed Science and Wonders II: The Light, the Heat immensely, and if you are interested in seeing where science and religion can peacefully coexist, I think you will too. Enjoy


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