Saturday, March 3, 2018

Deficit of Diligence: Make No Assumptions (Mike Stanhope Mysteries Book 2)

I received an ecopy of Deficit of Diligence: Make No Assumptions, second in the Mike Stanhope Mysteries series from author Peter Rowlands for review.

Having read the first book in this series; Alternative Outcome and giving it highest marks, I fully expected to enjoy Deficit of Diligence as well. I have to say I enjoyed this one even more. Mike Stanhope, not a sleuth, but a writer, gets himself into so many tight spots he should maybe reconsider his profession. But where would the fun be in that. He has to juggle a budding relationship while people are trying to kill him.

This time out our hero gets caught up in corporate deviousness while at the same time trying to find out why he inherited the estate of a woman he has never met. I have to admit (somewhat smugly) that I figured this part out before he did. Maybe I'm getting better at reading mysteries. But then again I only figured out a very small part of that story line and not all the details so, maybe not.

The story is a bit more action oriented than the first, Stanhope takes even more of a beating but appears to keep his stiff British upper lip throughout. Author Rowlands does a wonderful job of keeping our hero complex, yet believable and human, amid all the turmoil he has to deal with.

Again, Mr. Rowlands gives us a tight tale full of twists, turns and surprises that kept me hooked. The story never lagged, keeping me reading until I couldn't keep my eyes focused.

What I find interesting is the authors ability to set a story in a rather mundane setting; business logistics, and keep it exciting. Stanhope is no hard-boiled detective, but he is a lot of fun to follow.

Action, mystery, romance, intrigue and logistics. What more could a reader want? I highly recommend Deficit of Diligence by Peter Rowlands. Enjoy!


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