Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Step-Spinsters

Author Madina Papadopoulos provided an e-copy of The Step-Spinsters for review.

The Step-Spinsters is the continuing story of Cinderella and her step-mother and step-sisters (hence, step-spinsters). In this entertaining, fairly quick read we have characters who are all flawed to some degree. I was particularly pleased to find out Cinderella's real name (no, I'm not going to tell).

The story is comical, tragic, mysterious and redemptive as any fairy-tale should be. I found myself rooting both for and against each character at different times. Reading this story with the original (I know there are probably hundreds of versions), or maybe the Disney version in mind, will mess with your mind a bit. In a fun way. A peek into medieval French custom.

I enjoyed The Step-Spinsters by Madina Papadopoulos. If you like the story after ever after, I think you will like this one too. Enjoy!


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