Friday, February 23, 2018

The Stranger In 0-G

I was given an e-copy of The Stranger in 0-G by Kate Bassett for review.

This book was offered as an erotic science fiction, and although I do not generally review erotica, The Stranger in 0-G intrigued me enough to give it a look.

The story is one of a woman trapped in a loveless marriage of duty to her family. She is married to a worthless, abusive husband, and has a somewhat spooky daughter.  The eroticism comes at the hands (and other appendages) of... you guessed it; The Stranger in 0-G. 

The story was interesting enough to hold my attention, and not just because of the erotic content. As the beginning of a series, The Stranger in 0-G sets up the story well. Set in a world similar to ours yet with startling differences, we have the bones of an entertaining story.

I do have one serious problem with this book. That is the editing, the copy I downloaded from Smashwords is in serious need of a good proofreader. Not typos exactly, but words in the wrong place, unneeded words, and left out words. Too many to be overlooked. It did impact my overall enjoyment of the book. Because of this I have given it fewer stars on sites which require that arbitrary rating system than the story itself deserves.

The second much less serious problem was the internal consistency of the characters. We have characters who are well described as physically different from your run of the mill human. Yet when we get into the erotic passages those differences seem to disappear. Not unforgivable, to be sure, but it let that passage fall a bit flat for me.

Overall, The Stranger in 0-G is a decent beginning. With a good proofreader and just a touch more internal consistency, author Kate Bassett will have an excellent series here. Enjoy!


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