Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Remove a Brain and other Bizarre Medical Practices

Author (and doctor) David Haviland sent me an ecopy of How to Remove a Brain and Other Bizarre Medical Practices.

How to Remove a Brain... is a fun read. Especially if you enjoy bizarre humor (and yes I do). The procedure for removing a brain was actually one of the few practices I already knew. Some of the others are downright hilarious. If you are not careful you may actually learn something.

A couple things I learned: What it means to be a "toady" and where "blowing smoke" came from.

We see a lot of things that make us think "are you kidding me? They really believed that?" I had a lot of fun reading some of the examples to my wife.

Dr. Haviland has an engaging style and that wonderful dry British humor (humour) that I enjoy.

While I rarely review non-fiction books, How to Remove a Brain and Other Bizarre Medical Practices, by David Haviland is very entertaining and informative and I'm glad I gave it a chance. If bizarre yet true humor tickles your fancy, try this one out. Enjoy!


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