Friday, February 23, 2018

It's All Fun And Games

I won a print copy of It's All Fun And Games by Dave Barrett in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

This book is so much fun! The premise is not new here, a fantasy role play game becomes real. But as someone who played D&D often in the 1980's, I know this particular fantasy has been indulged by many players, me included. The reader does not need to be an experienced gamer to enjoy this story, but it doesn't hurt either.

Although the book does not specify whether it is the beginning of a series, it certainly lends itself to becoming one (I seriously hope it does).

Fortunately, our band of questing teens catch on quickly and do hold well to their character histories and descriptions. The adventure is at times brutal and graphic, then humorous and fun, overall very entertaining. Sword and sorcery fantasy at its best.

It's All Fun And Games is well developed escapist middle grade to YA fantasy that older fantasy role players will enjoy. No language issues, no sex, violence (not particularly gruesome), and like the games it is based on, the characters need to think, not just react.

Great start to what I hope will be a fun, escapist series. I recommend It's All Fun And Games by Dave Barrett. Enjoy!


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