Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Uber Diva

I received an ecopy of Uber Diva by Charles St. Anthony for review.

I had very mixed reactions to Uber Diva. 

First, I did enjoy the book. It's funny, sarcastic and irreverent. I'm not sure it will be all that helpful to aspiring drivers, but I also don't really believe that is its goal.

The book is a quick read, it only took about an hour or so for me to read. I started, as I usually do, just to get a feel for the book and stayed with it till the end, which speaks to its readability.

I do feel Uber Diva is written for a younger, more urban audience than a 62 year old resident of a small rural area in north Idaho (three cars on the street at one time is a traffic jam). Definitely a big city feel.

The language. I don't really have a problem with graphic language, but Uber Diva could make a career Navy person blush. Herein lies my strongest reaction. With abundant use of slang terms for both male and female genitalia, F-bombs, and some very inventive name calling, I was surprised when the author used asterisks for the dreaded N-word  (n***a) yet dropped the mother f-bomb in all its fully spelled out glory in the very next sentence. Really? You have the testicular fortitude to use every offensive word possible but edit that one word? Interesting.

Anyway, if you can deal with the language, Uber Diva is a funny book. I do like Charles St. Anthony's snark. Enjoy!


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