Thursday, February 1, 2018

Somewhere in San Diego

Author Dennis Macaraeg sent me a print copy of Somewhere in San Diego for review.

Somewhere in San Diego is the second book in the Somewhere series, the first I have read by this author.

It is a break-neck paced action story with main characters racing against time to save the fiance of one's partner. Oddly enough, the character who is trying to save his fiance gets very little print. He is actually a subordinate player.

Our heroes are a man and woman who should be together but aren't due to their history. They are reunited by the current circumstances. In the midst of the life and death perils they face we witness their working through relationship issues. This strained my credulity a bit as I find it difficult to think they would be focusing on their relationship while being hunted by bad guys looking to kill them. But maybe that is just me.The action of the story was almost relentless. We did get short interludes to catch our breath, but then bang! it's on again.

There is plenty of sexual tension, and outright sexual activity, interwoven with the blistering action. Very graphic at times. Yes, sex and violence in the same story. For all the action and intrigue, the story wrap-up fell a bit short for me. The action side of the story line was wrapped up in one paragraph. The resolution of the relationship issues got several pages. So, we have a romance with action overtones rather than an action story with romantic overtones. Not a bad thing by any means, the story is good, the action tight, if maybe a bit overwhelming given that we actually have a romance here.

Somewhere in San Diego by Dennis Macaraeg is a good overall read. Enjoy!


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